About Us

What’s In The Bowl Pet Shop is where informed pet parents come to nourish their beloved pets and source the best products in the industry.

What’s In The Bowl Pet Shop was founded in 2016 by Amy and Sean Jones and is 100% Independent, Family Owned & Operated. We are passionate about providing nutrition consultations to pet parents and helping you provide the best lives for your cats & dogs.

Sean & Amy also founded and own 100% of a premium dog treat brand called Raw Dog Barkery. Raw Dog Barkery‚Äôs products are made in Wales, Wisconsin from the same sources supermarkets and restaurants use.  Raw Dog Barkery can be found at What’s In The Bowl Pet Shop and in over 250 stores. Their brand is considered one of the highest quality brands in the pet food industry.

In 2020, Sean & Amy founded (and own 100%) Foodynamics, LLC a freeze-dried whole foods company based in Wales, Wisconsin. Foodynamics private labels and makes freeze-dried products for many other pet food companies that have products in over 2,000 stores nationwide.

TWO Locations


New Berlin