Whats In The Bowl Pet Food & Treats

At What’s In The Bowl, our founders are committed to delivering the highest quality products in the pet industry. From the very beginning, we have meticulously crafted our own pet food and treats to ensure top-notch nutrition and taste.

In addition to our dedication to pet health, we own Foodynamics, a human-grade freeze-drying company based in Wales, Wisconsin. Since 2016, Foodynamics’ premium products have been available in all What’s In The Bowl locations, providing the best in quality and nutrition for your pets.

Whats In The Bowl Pet Treats are biologically and species-appropriate for cats and dogs. Our ingredients are sourced for humans but are made for cats and dogs.

All Whats In The Bowl Pet Treats products are made from human-grade Whole Foods sourced from USDA and FDA facilities. We use the same high-quality meats and produce sources that supermarkets and restaurants use and carefully hand-cut them to ensure attention to detail and quality.

Everything we sell, we made. We don’t use copackers or contract manufacturers. We also own and personally operate a freeze-drying company in Wales, Wisconsin called Foodynamics.

At Whats In The Bowl Pet Treats, our products don’t look processed because they’re not!

We personally source and hand-make every batch of our products. Our philosophy is that dogs and cats deserve the same high-quality whole foods as humans, made from prime cuts of real whole foods and never from trimmings.

All of our ingredients are biologically and species-appropriate for cats and dogs, and founders Sean and Amy Jones have long been advocates of feeding biologically and species-appropriate whole foods to their own pets. You won’t find starchy, sugary, or processed ingredients in our products – only the best for our furry friends.

Inspired by the stunning artistic pastries prevalent in dog bakeries worldwide, the founders of Whats In The Bowl Pet Treats strive to infuse the same creativity and enjoyment into their freeze-dried treats!

The founders of Whats In The Bowl Pet Treats are passionate about providing cats and dogs with clean, species-appropriate foods under strict safety conditions. They operate their own freeze-drying facility in Wales, Wisconsin.

Our Team

Our dedicated team, comprising a small group of experts in pet food and freeze-drying, is deeply passionate about our unique products. Whether it’s our chief of production, full-time SQF practitioner, or fulfillment manager, every member of our full and part-time staff shares a strong enthusiasm for creating some of the finest pet products globally.