Do you worry about Pet Cancer?

We do... metabolic disease, and the millions of dogs impacted by cancer every year literally keeps us up at night. 

On that note, I stumbled upon an article by Dr. Karen Becker (source) on cancer causing factors. Thought you would find this helpful, so I summarized her key bullets below:

5 things you can consider for Pet Cancer:
  1. Healthy weight. "It's important to remember that fat doesn't just sit on your pet's body harmlessly. It produces inflammation that can promote tumor development." Dr. Karen Becker, source
  2. Low carb, anti-inflammatory foods. Carbs are known to promote inflammation, AND fuel cancer cells. "Cancer cells generally can't use dietary fats for energy, so high amounts of good-quality fats are nutritionally beneficial for dogs fighting cancer..." - Dr. Karen Becker, source
  3. Exposure to toxins. Think of the impact of pesticides, commercial flea/tick preventatives and household cleaners on a dog's immunity.
  4. Over-vaccinationStudies have explored potential harmful impacts of over-vaccinating in our pets. 
  5. Stress. Stress is widely known as a contributor to poor health, both from an emotional and physical standpoint.
Please note: we always recommend partnering with a holistic and integrative veterinarian professionals with any health concerns, as we are not medical experts. You can find a holistic vet here: SEARCH

Feel free to share this with friends & family, the more WE know as pet parents, the greater we can do :)
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