No more tug-of-war walks! Teach your dog to stop leash-pulling and dragging, and to walk politely on a leash…

…with Whole Dog Journal’s exclusive eBook Walking Your Dog. It’s a must-have for every dog owner. Our dog trainers and behavior experts’ clear step-by-step instructions (with accompanying photo demonstrations) will have you well on your way to finally enjoying a nice, peaceful walk with your dog.

Walking politely at your side doesn’t seem like it should be so difficult to teach a dog, right? Newsflash: it often proves to be one of – if not THE most – challenging behavior for dog owners to teach their dog.

Sure, he may walk politely down his regular route, but does he try to bolt the instant he’s in a new setting? He’s not the only one!

Dogs who respond flawlessly, each time, to commands like “Sit!” and “Down”… dogs who are letter-perfect in targeting and “Leave it!” exercises… even dogs with the most reliable recall will gleefully drag their owners all over the place. No more!

Walking Your Dog’s easy-to-follow instructions will show you what to teach your dog to do – and avoid – in order to make walks a pleasure! Inside are exercises and tips like:

  • The proper way to walk with a loose-leash, and how to make it fun and enjoyable for your dog.
  • What to do when your dog lunges while on-leash – and how we encourage pulling by pulling or yanking back on the leash!
  • How to teach him to ignore strangers, dogs, and other distractions that cause him to tug.
  • When to encourage “go sniff,” how to teach this command, and why it improves polite leash manners.

Your dog deserves to learn how to walk properly! You just have to know how to teach him. Purchase and instantly download your copy of Walking Your Dog today, available only from The Whole Dog Journal